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ScitePM is a lightweight, Gtk-based project manager for use with the SciTE editor.

ScitePM allows the user to organize a set of files as a project, like most IDEs, and then open them within SciTE.

ScitePM uses the SciTE "Director" interface to communicate with SciTE. Note also that SciTE must be named "SciTE" or "scite" to allow ScitePM to correctly launch it. If this is not the case on your system, create a symlink something like this:

ln -s /usr/local/bin/scite_exec_blah_blah ~/bin/scite

(Obviously that assumes that SciTE is /usr/local/bin/scite_exec_blah_blah on your system)


ScitePM is very simple to use. Click the "Open Project," "Save Project," or "Add Files" buttons to do the obvious things. Right-click on the main pane of the app to add files or groups (i.e. folders). Drag and drop folders and files within the app to arrange to your satisfaction.

To open a file, double-click it or highlight it and press return/enter. Note that the SciTE executable must be named "SciTE" for ScitePM to launch it!

The command line syntax for scitepm is:

scitepm [-q|--quiet] [-v|--version] [-h|--help] [project-path]

-q | --quiet = do not show the "About" dialog at startup.

-v | --version = print the application version to stdout at startup

-h | --help = print the usage (what you're reading now) to stdout

[project-path] = the path to a ScitePM project file to load at startup


A sample screenshot of ScitePM running under the OpenBox window manager with the "Simple-Red" theme is shown below:


rrwood - 2006/05/27 - Activate SciTE via "_NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW" message to ewmh-compliant window manager

rrwood - 2006/05/27 - Set project status to dirty if row is expanded/collapsed

rrwood - 2006/05/26 - Add changelog to docs

rrwood - 2006/05/25 - Add "Create Group" button and functionality
rrwood - 2006/05/25 - Make file paths relative to project path when saving project for the first time
rrwood - 2006/05/25 - Add simple "Help" button
rrwood - 2006/05/25 - Support SciTE executable name "scite" in addition to "SciTE"
rrwood - 2006/05/25 - Set window title whenever project file name is set

rrwood - 2006/05/22 - Tweak Makefile to build better tarball

rrwood - 2006/05/19 - Move project to Sourceforge Logo